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Bell Sod and Hydroseed Difference

Price per square foot

Choosing Bell Sod and Hydroseed means more savings since our prices are lower than the big box stores.

Top Quality Sod

Since we source the highest quality sod, you won’t have to worry about weeds or pests with our product.

Easy Installation

Our sod is installed in the largest rolls available, which means you’ll get to enjoy your new lawn sooner.

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Bell Sod & Hydroseed is a family owned business right here in Sacramento, California.

Bell Sod and Hydroseed is famous for the quality of our sod grass and hydroseed. We have over 50 years of service as a family-owned, local producer of sod and hydroseed in Sacramento. We offer both commercial and residential sod or hydroseed.

We are a Sacramento Sod company that offers the best sod grown in the area at a great price.

Bell Sod & Hydroseed:

What Makes Us Different

Our sod prices per square foot are better than large box stores and their sod is no comparison to ours in grass density, quality, and freshness.

We have the highest quality sod available in Sacramento Valley and surrounding counties. Our sod is virtually weed free and pest free.

It’s easier to install because our sod rolls are the largest rolls available, which means less rolls to lay, so less bending up and down (some sod rolls are half the size of ours).

Our soil is a nice loam soil for improved growth. We use more seed and grow our sod longer so the root mass is much fuller.

When cut, the sod grass rolls have firm edges and don’t crumble or fall apart when installing because of the heavy rooting. This means that the grass takes off faster and establishes in your soil quicker.

We provide prompt, personalized service! If you call us before 4pm, we can typically service you the next day. We also offer convenient payment at the time of delivery!